First Chair Benefit: Join Now and Get 10% Off your First Purchase! Learn More

First Chair Benefit: Join Now and Get 10% Off your First Purchase! Learn More


It's fast, easy, and goes just as hard as you do.

Snowboarding's most innovative boot-to-binding interface.


It's one of the advantages riders love about Step On. Get off the chairlift and get right to riding. It's literally as fast as: Heel. Toe. Go.


Reliable gear allows you to focus on what matters most: having as much fun as possible. Step On went through rigorous testing to ensure the highest standards of safety season after season.


Comfort that lasts from first chair to your final lap. Step On boots and bindings feature full underfoot cushioning to limit fatigue and offers a broken-in feel right out of the box.


It’s not just about ease of use. Step On’s heel-to-toe connection puts pro-caliber control where it matters most, providing an effortless connection for riders at every skill level.

How Does It Work?

Heel Cleat

Designed using the same principles as locking teeth found in traditional binding buckles, this component features two levels of connection to accommodate for varying accumulations of snow and icepack in the binding. To engage the heel cleat, simply step down, apply pressure, and listen for a click.

Toe Hooks

Located on the front of each boot, toe hooks keep the toes securely fastened in the Step On binding. Dual component design ensures maximum durability for multi-season use and ease of use. After you lock into the heel cleat, apply pressure to both toe hooks until you hear two clicks. Now, you’re securely locked in and ready to ride.

Release Lever

The Release Lever is a low-profile, easy-access lever found on the heelcup of the binding. Pull the lever up, let it go, and the boot is released, allowing the rider to twist their foot and step out. The handle automatically resets after you remove your foot, allowing riders to step back on instantaneously.

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