Burton Blacktail Footprint

Two Person, Three Season Foot Print

Burton Blacktail Footprint

Color True Black

Burton Blacktail Footprint

Blacktail 2 Tent를 비나 진흙, 자갈로부터 보호, 완벽한 크기의 그랜드 시트.

캠핑사이트를 구축할 때 치기 쉬운 텐트가 있다면 항상 만족스럽죠. 그러기 위해서는 완벽한 사이즈의 그라운드 시트가 필수입니다. 폴리 에스테르 립스탑으로 만든 Big Agnes® x Burton Blacktail 2 Footprint는 Blacktail 2 Tent에 완벽하게 일치하는 크기로 되어 있으며, 텐트 바닥을 깨끗하고 건조하게 유지하고 손상으로부터 지켜줍니다.


  • Ground Footprint for the Big Agnes x Burton Blacktail 2 Tent
  • Extends the tent floor’s life and provides an added layer of protection against wet or rocky ground
  • Required for Fast Fly Setup
  • Includes: Footprint and Stuff Sack
  • Big Agnes Warranty
All Colorways
75D Polyester Ripstop
Dimensions: 90in x 52in Head Width x 42in Foot Width [229cm x 132cm x 107cm]
Recommended Use
Burton Warranty
Big Agnes Warranty

Big Agnes Warranty

Our number one priority is to make functional and dependable outdoor products and provide great customer service. If you are not satisfied with any Big Agnes product at the time you receive it, return it to the place of purchase for a full refund. If one of our products does not perform to your satisfaction, contact Big Agnes.

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