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First Chair Benefit: Join Now and Get 10% Off your First Purchase! Learn More

Imagine testing Step On® for free at your local resort...

The Step On® Testride

Tour is Back!

Coming to a mountain near you, this is your chance to test Burton’s most innovative boot-to-binding system. Drop by the booth, talk tech with our side-sliding staff and then click in to snowboarding made simple on a test ride of Step On® boots and bindings.

Testing is free and riders of all ages and skill levels are welcome. There’s even a chance to win a brand-new Step On® set up!

No hassle. No straps. All fun.


Step On® is snowboarding made simple

“Step Ons are responsive and comfortable, and I feel more connected to my board. All I have to do is step right in and I'm already heading down the run. No more wasting time strapping in and exerting unneeded energy”. —Ben, D

Heel. Toe. Go. Just three simple clicks and you’re off the lift and on the run. It’s fast, easy and goes just as hard as you do.

Tour Calendar

Stubaier Gletscher 06.-07.11.2021

Hemsedal 02.-05.12.2021

Livigno 04.-05.12.2021

Are 10.-12.12.2021

Mayrhofen 18.-19.12.2021

Kläppen 17.-18.12.2021

Obertsdorf 27. - 29.12.2021

Kühtai 02.-03.01.2022

Verbier 05.-06.01.2022

Laax 13.-15.01.2022

Mayrhofen 22.-23.01.2022

Madonna 04.-06.02.2022

Flachauwinkl 16.02.22

Avoriaz 13.-14.02.2022

Vuokatti 20.02.2022

Ruka 21.-22.02.2022

Levi 23.-24.02.2022

Winterberg 26.-27.02.2022

Kläppen 12.-13.03.2022

Check out our permanent Step On Testride Centers 


How much does it cost? 

The test ride is free, like the coffee. All you need is an ID as a deposit, which you’ll get back when you return the kit. 

Is a reservation required?

No, it’s first come first serve. 

What do I need to bring to the test?

To test the StepOn system you’ll need to bring a photo ID (drivers license or other ID card). You can choose if you want to use one of our boards or your own board, so you can discover the benefits that Step On can bring to your setup.  

How long can I test products? 

The booth is usually open from 09.00 to 15.00, depending on the specific event and location (more info on Facebook event) but we ask that you don’t test a product for longer than an hour and a half. You have to give others the chance to discover the magic! 

How many products can I test? 

As many as you like! Just return tested products and ask our crew to hook you up with more stuff to test.  

Are there any other Testride events happening this season?  

Check out the link to find out where Burton products will be available to test ride.   

Are there any Covid-19 related measures that need to be respected? 

This season will be a special one and we´re in this together. Safety is our priority and we’ve done our best to evolve so that you can test our products within a safe environment and enjoy the ride. In order to keep the community and our staff safe we’re asking you to follow & respect specific measures: Wear your face mask, keep min. 1 meter distance to others, use hand sanitizer or wear your gloves when filling out our testride forms and follow our signage within the Testride area. 

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