Burton Girls

Road Tripping: From LA to Mammoth and Everything In Between

If you know us at all, you know that we rarely stop moving.

While out in California for a photoshoot, that meant we had to see it all: the mountains, lakes, and deserts that make up the Golden State. Packing up our crew, travel luggage, and snowboard bags, we zigzagged from LA to Mammoth, making plenty of stops along the way. We made it our mission to get off the beaten path in search of new experiences. Our comfort zone? Well, that was just something we had to leave behind.

While we aim to see as much of the world as possible, we also like to slow down and appreciate the little things. You know…live in the moment, take it all in. Even though the purpose of our trip was to shoot photos and video for our campaign, we made a point to step back and enjoy where we were, to take in the sights and sounds, and let them fuel us. After all, this kind of exploration is what inspires us to do what we do.

Jumpstarting the trip in LA.
Permanent good hair day courtesy of our friends at Paul Mitchell.
Ride's here! Toyota got us all the way to Mammoth… despite a few parking tickets in LA.

Things get weird in the desert, especially outside of LA. The wind hit us right away and was almost too fierce, but we’re not complaining. We worked with what we got, and with some styling savants by our side, the flying hair and clothes made for some pretty cool photos. Burton Girls Ambassador Tavia fell in love with a baby rattlesnake, which made us all fear for her safety. Even after a full day on the job, we still took the opportunity to rip around in the sand when we wrapped it up. The crew took turns on the Lithium electric-powered bikes and things got a little crazy.

Riding dirty.
Don't try this at home, kids.
The wind really escalated this shot.
Kimmy grips it and rips it.

With a car full of sand, we hit the road again creeping ever-closer to Mammoth. Finally seeing the snowcapped mountains around Lone Pine got us excited about the turns we’d soon be making. Kimmy Fasani met us in the morning and shared her knowledge of Mt. Whitney (the tallest peak in the lower 48) and how to get there. It always helps to know a local. After wandering around and staring up in awe at the jagged peaks, we shifted gears and headed to the lake to float around. There was a chill in the air, so we fired up the grill, put on some music, and warmed things up.

With a crew this hands-on, everyone took turns being the boat captain.
Grill and chill.
Soaking up that California sunshine.

Finally, we made it to Mammoth. A bear sighting on our first morning heading up the mountain got things off to a wild start. We built some jumps, found some fun lines in the forest, and had a blast lapping the resort. The snow was soft, the skies were blue, and everyone felt lifted up after chasing each other around the mountain. It was truly the icing on the cake of our California tour.

Sup Kimmy?
Having no fun whatsoever.

There you have it: bikes, boats, cars, snakes, bears, and all the rest. We had a blast pursuing new experiences on a whirlwind trip we won’t soon forget. Naturally, we’re already dreaming of the next adventure.
Next time you find a new spot on the map or dare yourself to try something different, share your experiences with us using #GetDownRiseUp. ∆