Burton Girls

An Inside Look at the Burton Women's Rider Roundtable

Everybody has their strengths. While humility is important, so is knowing what you’re good at. That said, no matter how good you are, you’ve never arrived, because there’s always a way to get better—at everything. That’s what makes having a passion fun: constant progression.

Kelly Clark having fun on the product she helps develop.

At Burton, one of our strengths is winter product. Knowing that puts pressure on us to continuously improve, and this cycle will never end: because the closer you get, the more responsibility you have. When it comes to the pursuit of product perfection, our approach is “rider-driven.” We test our products and ideas as much as humanly possible, using our team riders, Burton Girls Ambassadors, and professional product testers—who travel and snowboard and stay outside longer than anyone else we know. We also listen as much as possible to you, on the ground and through your feedback to our customer service crew.

Chloe Kim and Melrose Boyer adding some flair to their prototypes.
Critical members of the 2015 Rider Round Table.

Not long ago, we hosted our annual Rider Roundtable summit, where all of these diverse perspectives gathered under one roof for the week. Product teams from every category met with riders of all levels to discuss one thing: how to make the experience warmer, drier, easier, faster and above all else, more fun. ∆