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New Styles added - up to 40% Off Winter Sale!
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2020 Sustainability Goals

– Our People –

You can trust the process behind our products: 100% Fair Labor Association compliance by 2020 will mean that every person making our products works in safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly conditions. At our offices and throughout retail, we’ll protect our unique culture that cultivates diverse personalities and ways of thinking, in order to continue our aggressive pace of progression.

We’re only as good as the impact we have, so we’re investing to improve the lives of everyone that we engage with, all over the world. From the highest standards in international human rights at our factories, to protecting our familial culture, to considering every person that wears our products: We want to make the most positive impact possible on everyone around us.

Sustainable Culture

Our culture is our foundation, and our biggest asset that we’ve been building since day one. Organic garden plots, skate ramps, and 150 dogs onsite, free locally roasted and organic coffee, espresso and fruit every morning, local kombucha on tap, and local organic soap throughout headquarters. We offer free DIY courses at lunch on topics like winter bike commuting, raising backyard chickens, brewing beer, and fermented foods. Flexible schedules, free season passes to our local mountains, and the no-work-on-a-powder-day perk are popular, too.

Fair Labor Association

We’re committed to ensuring safe conditions, ethical treatment, and fair labor practices throughout our company and our supply chain. We monitor factories’ adherence to our standards and provide resources to assist in implementing best practices. Burton’s supply chain social responsibility program was accredited by the Fair Labor Association in 2020. The FLA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and protecting workers’ rights and to improving working conditions globally through adherence to international standards.

Environment, Health and Safety

Our strong restricted substances list requires that our goods are produced using only chemicals and materials that are safe for people and the environment. We have eliminated harmful substances including heavy metals, chlorinated solvents, and phthalates in our softgoods. Our industry-leading partnership with bluesign® ensures that air and water emissions from our manufacturing processes are clean. For 2020, we have committed to 100% PFC-Free Durable Water Repellency (DWR) due to the lasting and uncertain impacts of PFCs on the environment.

Gender Equity

In 2003, women made up less than 10% of our leadership team. Today, they represent over 40%. Owner Donna Carpenter created the Women’s Leadership Initiative in 2004, and a lot has been accomplished since then: pay parity, mentoring programs, generous caregiver policies , and a women's professional association. In 2017, Donna brought every employee that felt inclined to the Women’s March in D.C., all expenses paid. Gender equity at Burton can be traced back to 1982, when the Burton US Open was established with equal prize money for men and women.

CHILL Non-Profit and Donations

Our non-profit foundation, CHILL, gets thousands of youth on snow every winter, helping them overcome challenges through snowboarding. We also donate hundreds of thousands of dollars-worth of product every year to our large Vermont refugee population to keep them warm in the winter, and to underserved youth and families across the country.

Better Recognize —

We're Now a Certified
B Corporation®

B Corp™ Certification is an acknowledgement that we're committed to being a force for good on all fronts: environmental, social, and beyond.
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