Last year you said that landing the Snowboarder Mag cover shot was one of your all time goals-What’s next on your list of career goals that you’re looking to cross off this season?
    This year I'm looking to film more in the backcountry to help equal out all my riding so I’m not just known as a park or rail kid. I want to be able to ride back there just as good as I can in the streets or park. Also filming a full part is a goal i have yet to complete hopefully this coming season I’ll be able to bang one out.
    What’s your favorite part of filming with the YKWII Media crew?
    My Favorite part about filming with YKWII is the homies. It’s a tight crew of all the people that I grew up riding with and all of my best friends. when we go on trips its raw, cheap hotels packing the whole crew into one room, driving all night to places, and deciding where were gonna go on a trip the day of. This past year I didn't really get to film with them which was a big change for me, but I got the opportunity to film with forum and that was awesome.
    You’re one of the only street riders that wears a helmet-Have you always worn a helmet? Why do you feel it’s so important?
    My whole life I've worn a helmet in both skateboarding and snowboarding, but at first it wasn't cause I wanted to its cause I had to. My parents always made me wear one, and as I grew older I just stuck to it. Now I'm at the point where my helmet is just another thing I gotta have when I go boarding.



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      "Analog- Tyler" - The Creator
      "Can I Live Freestyle" - Pusha-T
      "Jet Life To The Next Life" - Trademark da Skydiver, Young Roddy and Curren$y
      "Somedays Freestyle" - Big KRIT
      "Bout It" - Curren$y
      "Dat Ass"- Earl Sweatshirt
      "Alkaholiks - Daamn (Mick's In My Bed Blend)" - DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie

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