Women's Learn To Ride Program

  • Learn To Ride

    Women's Centers

    Burton Women's Learn To Ride programs feature small, women-only lesson groups that make learning more comfortable, and give you the opportunity to meet future riding buddies.

  • Learn To Ride


    With a narrower waist-width made for smaller feet, a softer flex, and a catch-free convex base, Burton Women's LTR snowboards help make learning to ride as fun and easy as possible.

  • Learn To Ride


    Soft flexing, easy to use, and held to the same high standards as the rest of our bindings, Burton Women's LTR bindings make strapping in and unstrapping an afterthought.

  • Learn To Ride


    Happy feet are the key to a great day. Featuring the same women's specific True Fit™ design you'll find in all our women's boots, Burton Women's LTR boots are comfortable, soft, and easy to put on and take off.

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  • Weather

    Take a look at the forecast and be prepared. A facemask on a cold, windy day can make the difference.

  • Fuel Up

    If you can drink some water and grab a snack before hand, your body will be better prepared.

  • Good Time for a good time

    For what it's worth, giving yourself ample time to get your gear together and yourself to the meeting location will let you focus on getting to know the coach, your group and letting them get to know you.

  • Have Fun

    A little anxiety is expected, but try and relax - it's snowboarding, and snowboarding is fun.