Kids Learn To Ride

  • Learn To Ride

    12 & Under

    Focused on manageable groups within an environment best suited for the task at hand... learning to ride. Burton's Kids' Learn To Ride programs take them onto the hill in a fun and safe environment to create a memorable experience that can lead to a lifetime love affair.

  • Learn To Ride


    Smaller and lighter-weight than adults, kids demand snowboards designed specifically for them. From the smallest at 80cm to the largest at 125cm, and packed with features like forgiving and catch-free beveled bases and a super soft flex, Burton's Kids' LTR snowboards are designed to make learning as fun and easy as possible.

  • Learn To Ride


    Comfortable feet are the key to a great day on the hill. Burton's Kids' LTR boots pack more performance than most companies "high-end" boots and are designed to keep feet warm and comfortable - all day long.

  • Learn To Ride


    Burton's Kids' Progression bindings go from extra-small to small and come with the same high quality as our adult bindings. This range of sizes guarantees a secure fit for even the smallest feet.

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  • Weather

    Take a look at the forecast and be prepared. A facemask on a cold, windy day can make the difference.

  • Fuel Up

    If you can't get a full breakfast in them, even a breakfast bar will help with the energy they'll need.

  • Good Time for a good time

    From the parking lot to the rental shop to the meeting spot for the lesson... there can be video-game level obstacles to navigate. If being early is the only con, embrace the con.

  • Have Fun

    Let your child know that fun is about to be had. It should be the only expectation.