Rider Service: (800) 881-3138


Evaluate the validity of the claim.

  • Was the product purchased in the last 12 months?
  • Was the product purchased from an authorized dealer?
  • Does the damage appear to be attributable to defective materials or workmanship?
  • Does the damage appear to be due to impact, abuse, negligence, or reactions to heat, solvents, or harsh detergents?
  • For specific instructions regarding different products, please consult the Product-by-Product Guidelines.


Bring the product to the store where it was purchased OR Call for a Return Authorization (RA) Number.

  • Consumers call 1-800-881-3138.
  • Tell us WHAT you are sending back-describe the product.
  • Tell us WHY you are sending it back-describe the problem.
  • Record the RA# and details for future reference.


Pack and ship the product immediately!

  • Include a copy of the original proof of purchase (receipt).
  • Include a brief description of the problem and the RA#.
  • Mark the defect clearly with a piece of masking tape.
  • Print the RA# clearly on the outside of the box.

    Ship the claim to:
    Burton Snowboards Product Service
    Attention: Warranty RA#______________
    152 Industrial Parkway
    Burlington, VT 05401
  • If you live in Europe:
    Drop in to your local Burton Authorized Dealer with your claim. Include a copy of the original proof of purchase (receipt).

    The shop will validate the claim and call us direct to arrange a Returns Authorization number.

    They will handle your claim for you.

Customers are responsible for shipping charges to Burton. Overnight and 2-Day shipments to Burton will be returned in the same manner at our expense. W48 GOES INTO EFFECT WHEN WE RECEIVE THE PRODUCT (What is W48? This means the product will be on its way back to you in 2 business days.) Within 48 hours of receipt of product, the claim will be handled in one of the following ways:

  • If the returned product is within the valid warranty period of one year and judged by Burton to be defective, we will repair or replace the product. The warranty remains valid on repaired and replaced items for the balance of one year from the original purchase date.
  • If the problem is not covered under warranty nor repairable, the product will be returned as is.


  • Don't ship us peanuts. Think Green, they're bad for the environment.
  • We recommend using Fed-Ex or UPS and that you insure your package.
  • Hold on to your RA. If you have any questions about your claim, call Rider Service and give them you RA number and we'll be happy to update you on the status of your claim.
  • Street addresses are required. We cannot return ship to a PO Box.
  • If you bought your product on ebay, it doesn't have any warranty.