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Watch Your Edges

Our snowboards are built with sharp metal edges that give us exceptional grip and edge hold on snow. When not strapped in, whether it be hiking the pipe or sitting on the lift, that same metal edge can do a number on fabrics. Jackets, pants, and even boots can be cut from a board edge if you’re not careful. Being aware of your edges at all times will make your gear last and perform the way it was designed.

Chairlift vs. Highback

Every now and then you may encounter a chairlift with a lower than normal loading area. Protect your highback by folding it down prior to getting on the chair and your bindings will thank you.


Often times when it seems a jacket or pair of pants has lost some of its water proofing, a simple wash can restore it. Refer to the washing instructions located inside each garment or call Rider Service at 800-881-3138 for further instructions.