HP and SS Competitions:

Juniors: Best of two runs. One heat of 10 boys and 5 girls, girls run first.

Open: Best of two runs. Two heats: One heat of 20 women and one heat of 40 men. Top 6 men will advance to the USO semi finals in Vail (6 in total per discipline will go to the USO finals). Top 3 women will advance to the USO semi finals in Vail (3 in total per discipline).


Halfpipe and Slopestyle will be scored based on OI (overall impression) using one panel of six judges. All runs are scored on a scale of 1 to 100.

OI Breakdown: The rational for utilizing the Overall Impression judging System is to take advantage of the spontaneous flow of the riders competing and to give qualified high level judges the ability within the OI system to judge more effectively by taking the whole run into consideration rather than a specific criteria area. Beginning and intermediate riders can use the knowledge gathered from the criteria system categories of motion, rotation, amplitude and OI to better understand their run and develop accordingly. However with the expert rider…the criteria system becomes a drawback due to the closed nature of the system that forces the rider into balancing points of the criteria which is stifling innovation. The expert rider knows what he or she is attempting and how this is going to affect their run and score and gains little from the criteria system.

All phases of all the tricks are evaluated by the OI judges. The judges will score the run by evaluating the run’s overall precision which includes the execution of the run and the routine attempted no matter how the run is setup in its formation. The emphasis of the OI judge in the OI judging system is to evaluate the whole run with all elements of the criteria combined but not placing a major emphasis on any facet but rather evaluating what makes the most dynamic run in the contest at the specific moment. Therefore the main emphasis is the sequences of tricks, the amount of risk in the routine and the progression of new material presented. The overall impression judge evaluates the specific tricks individually and as a sequence and looks at line, the use of the pipe/features, amplitude in relation to the tricks and overall flow. What is looked for is the highest level of progression…whether a run is done with only one straight air and five inverted rotations or an all switch run that is done with maximum technicality or a run that has a new move or sequences of moves that pushes snowboard progression forward. The OI judge must recognize subtle as well as obvious changes in a routine to determine what makes it more difficult, as well as what tricks are being performed at the highest standards for that specific contest. As always the OI judge does take falls into consideration.

Focus then is as follows for the judges:

  • All phases of the trick evaluated
  • The whole run appraised (use of pipe/feature, line, amplitude)
  • First emphasis on progression
  • Secondary emphasis on trick sequences
  • Third emphasis on risk