Fields, modern lifestyle, long established tradition, business, daily life, everything is packed like a gigantic toy box. Most of the population lives in the area between Tokyo and Osaka, open to the Pacific Coast. You can reach resorts by car, train, Bullet Train and air within several hours from your home.

Our office is located in Shibuya, one of the core wards in the capital city, Tokyo. Shibuya has a very unique atmosphere-calm residential areas, business and streets where Tokyo's fashions hatch. We set up our den a little distance from the station. The town's atmosphere helps us provide the best products customer service to our riders.

Riding is a very special activity here. There are as many, if not more, snowboarders than skiers. We go to slopes almost every weekend- from the first snow fall until the valley is covered with green...



Insurance: While employed you are insured for labor accident, health insurance, welfare pension and unemployment insurance per standard law.

Flex Hours: In most areas flex hours are available.

Vacation Time: Per labor standard law, all eligible employees will receive the following paid days off per year, based on length of service (see schedule below).

Years of Service Paid Time Off Schedule Number of Days

Less than ½ year 0

½ to 1 ½ years 11

1½ to 2 ½ years 11

2½ to 3 ½ years 14

3½ to 4 ½ years 16

4½ to 5 ½ years 18

5½ to 6 ½ years 20

Fitness Program: Burton encourages employees to participate in good health and fitness habits. Employees are eligible to utilize local fitness facilities at a reduced rate.

Great Product Discounts: Burton makes great product! All active employees are entitled to substantial discounts on Burton product. Product Discount includes: 50% discount on Burton Products.

Lift Tickets: All employees are eligible to receive half price of one day tickets. This will give you lots of opportunity to ride.

Dogs: Your dog will thank you for working at Burton Snowboards. If you don't have one, you'll enjoy watching your boss clean up after (his/her) dog.

Burton values fun: We make and sell a product that is responsible for countless smiles. We can feel good knowing that our work promotes a healthy, fun and growing sport.

T-shirts, Jeans and sandals: It's a huge relief not to worry about ironing that pair of slacks. (Or ironing at all!)



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