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Ration Snowboard

Restricted Ration Snowboard

Get a full serving of street smarts and toughness that still leaves a few punches left in the meal card.

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You must choose a size first!

Save the glitz and glam for the weekend warriors.

Raw and uncut, the Ration is a no-nonsense, cambered workhorse that just keeps going and going for park and rail technicians like Ethan Deiss. True twin, bulletproof, and Rail Ready™ right out of the wrapper—it offers everything you need to tear apart the streets and park. Now with the addition of The Channel, the Ration serves up the quickest, easiest, and most adjustable stance setup available.

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A groomer board can ride pow or park, but if you prefer one over the other, you should also consider characteristics like the board's Bend and Shape.


Doesn't matter if you've been riding one day or daily for 10 years, you either want a board that rips hard and fast, or prefer a board that's more about getting loose.


Not to be overlooked, boot size not only determines binding size, but should account for a board's width. A board that's too narrow will have your toes and heels dragging. Too wide and you'll have a hard time turning.

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