The MINI brand is represented by 1,320 dealers in more than 90 countries. Since 2001, over 2 million MINI, MINI Convertible, MINI Clubman, MINI Crossover, MINI Coupe, MINI Roadster, and MINI Paceman models have been sold. MINI has been the official presenting partner for the Burton Global Event Series since 2011. For more information, visit www.MINI.com.

GoPro makes the world’s best selling and most versatile cameras, enabling people to capture immersive and engaging footage of themselves during their favorite activities. GoPro’s HERO line of wearable and gear mountable cameras are used collectively by more consumers, professional athletes, and video production professionals than any other camera in the world. Based in San Mateo, California, GoPro’s products are sold in more than 35,000 stores in over 100 countries worldwide and direct via GoPro.com.

Ever since Pioneer founder Nozomu Matsumoto achieved success with the A-8 dynamic speaker in 1937, Pioneer has constantly aimed to excite its customers. As befits the company name, Pioneer always dares to venture into new areas and pioneer new markets, having done exactly that with its 1962 launch of the world’s first separate stereo system and its 1975 release of the world’s first component car stereo. Above all, the SE-1 dynamic headphones launched by Pioneer in 1960 earned rave reviews for their excellent sound quality and novel stereo playback feature, establishing the market trend for headphones as stereo systems in their own right.

Today, under the corporate philosophy of “bringing excitement to even more people”, Pioneer is putting effort into new businesses including headphone DJ equipment for amateur DJs through to professional DJs, car and electronics

In the headphones area, Pioneer is continually releasing new models of DJ headphones highly rated by professional DJs around the world for their sound quality and durability, as well as popular models catering to street cultures including close-fitting sports headphones that stay mounted even during aggressive movement in extreme sports such as snowboarding and skateboarding, as well as the BASS HEAD series providing strong grooves and bass sounds essential for keeping in step with dance music.
For further details: http://pioneer.jp/accessory/sp/sp12.html


Vita Coco is the world's leading fresh coconut water brand that started the coconut water craze. With millions of cartons sold each year throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, Vita Coco has built a truly loyal following. Informed consumers, health-conscious celebrities, and top professional athletes all swear by Vita Coco’s impressive functional benefits and all-natural hydration properties. It’s pure, straight-from-the-fruit appeal and delicious flavor even attracted Madonna to invest in the brand, making it one of the most sought-after products in the beverage aisle.

Vita Coco was founded by longtime friends Michael Kirban and Ira Liran in New York City in 2004. The duo is widely credited for successfully popularizing the tropical tradition in the Northern Hemisphere. Today, Vita Coco is available in Pure and Pineapple flavors, and it is sold at SEVEN&i HLDGS., Natural LAWSON, Seijoishii, and other supermarket for ¥238.


OtterBox was established in 1998, and is a manufacturer and developer of top quality shock absorbing cases for smartphones and tablets.

OtterBox cases are utilized by people from all walks of life all over the world, and are especially popular with people who have had the unfortunate experience of breaking one of their prized devices.

Just like the otter's playful nature and sleek waterproof coat that are characteristics of OtterBox's namesake, our cases are well-known for their outstanding shock absorbing and water-resistant properties which were born out of unique innovation and define the OtterBox brand in one word: Protection.

As a pioneer in offering protective cases for your treasured and invaluable devices, OtterBox delivers a wide range of products to our valued customers which have been developed through our proprietary technology.

For more information please visit: http://www.otterbox.com http://www.otterbox.asia/

Kawaba snow resort is going to mark its 25th anniversary this winter. You can sense the outstanding powder snow in Kanto region just 2 hours from middle of Tokyo. Many skiers and riders come to this winter urban neighborhood resort from all over the world and enjoy four of snow parks with white powder which is presented by big name brand. This pleasure island offers you variety of shops, schools, rental goods and restaurants. A thousand of multilevel parking garages provides you to go straight to the gerende without affected by weather conditions. 3.3km long gerende suit for every level riders.

You should also check out "First Truck Tour" that you can monopolize the finest gerende with no foodprints in earlier morning before lift open. This season, a fully renovated snow park, mini-sized half pipe, 3D park, JIB park and easy park for begginner, will be waiting for you.


HAKUBA VALLEY HAPPO/IWATAKEļ¼¸TSUGAIKE is one of the best international alpine resorts in Japan and many riders go there to enjoy winter sports from inside and overseas. HAKUBA is a fantastic snow resort as you can enjoy a great variety of snowboarding such as powder riding on off-piste or real big park. HAPPO, IWATAKE and TSUGAIKE are Japan’s top winter destinations, boasting some of the highest snowfalls in the country with exceptional powder and groomed runs. HAPPO has the 8km longest run in HAKUBA. IWATAKE will expand off-piste area and be exciting powder. TSUGAIKE provides a full jib park and Heli ski / snowboarding in spring. It must be able to enjoy snow life fully from a beginner to an expert. You cannot miss the changing HAKUBA VALLEY as INTERNATIONAL SNOW RESORT.