From mid 90's till today, Kane’s art can be viewed over a wide variety of canvas, including the streets of Tokyo, to the Art Tower Mito, and even in the Tokyo Future Museum.  Many of this artist’s designs can be viewed on album covers such as 246 GRAPHIX .  All of Kane’s works have been accomplished while managing his own brand, "STUDIO PEAKā–²HOUR."  Be on the look out!


Famous for founding the artist group VANGUARD; this groups interest’s included graffiti art, hip-hop, and skateboarding.  VANGUARD was started at a time when graffiti itself was not well established in Japan, from the second half of 1980's to early 90's.  After that, Kazz Rock travelled to US to improve his graffiti skills, and met up with a new crew on the west coast, CBS (Can't Be Stopped).

After travelling back and forth from the US and Japan, Kazz Rock’s first exhibition was held in Harajuku.  Beyond that, he has also worked on collaborations with street wear, sneaker, and sports brands.  While at the same time, working on art work designs for album covers, garage kits, bicycles, and snowboards.

Since he loved riding, KAZZROCK created a fad for scooters after collaborating with a local bike shop.  In the early 2000’s, he entered the All Japan Road Race Championship and for 2 years as his original apparel brand developed, and he designed different bike colors, riding suits, as well as helmets that grew the brand.

KAZZROCK was not only a talented as an artist. He worked in other various fields such as editorial design, writing in magazine columns, as a radio personality, and he even devoted time to participate with charities.


Born in 1976, hailing from Kanagawa, Japan KRESS EYE’s artistic style imparts influence from all over the world.  Including California where KRESS went to high school and began lettering.   Progressive style and original lettering elevate KRESS’s art making it popular among all walks of life.