Head judge: Sandy MacDonald
Judge 1: Masayuki Sakata
Judge 2: Shingo Shiotani
Judge 3: Sandy MacDonald


For the JAM SESSION (16 riders), judging is based on overall impression (star system). All tricks during the jam session are evaluated, ranking to be based on all tricks completed.  Riders rankings will move up and down on a live ranking board as the jam progresses.  For the FINALS (6 riders), each judge focuses on 1 of the following aspects & can give a maximum of 10 points (all judge scores are combined for a rider’s total run score): a) Creativity b) Technicality c) Style/Execution


All riders get as many runs as they can fit into a (40min) time frame.  At the end of the 40 minute jam session, the field will be cut to 6 based on rankings.

Finals: Top six riders each take 2 runs. Best run counts.

1st run: Riders drop in in descending bib order  6 - 1
2nd run: Riders drop in in bib order according to intermediate ranking after 1st run, riders will then drop in reverse order (i.e. leader after 1st run goes last). 1 – 6