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Deja Vu Snowboard

Restricted Deja Vu Snowboard

Snap back to reality with proven camber performance that’s capable of everything from park to powder.

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You must choose a size first!

The Deja Vu Restricted bases its performance on core values, namely camber.

When charging, rocker lets it happen but camber makes it happen. Camber straight up rips. Smooth Ride™ cushioning balances out its snappy suspension, allowing for faster riding through rougher terrain and less fatigue on your body. With Jumper Cables energizing the entire package, extra snap and pop isn’t just for the latest Julia Stiles movie.

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A groomer board can ride pow or park, but if you prefer one over the other, you should also consider characteristics like the board's Bend and Shape.


Doesn't matter if you've been riding one day or daily for 10 years, you either want a board that rips hard and fast, or prefer a board that's more about getting loose.


Not to be overlooked, boot size not only determines binding size, but should account for a board's width. A board that's too narrow will have your toes and heels dragging. Too wide and you'll have a hard time turning.

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